Klaus Brigger AG Carpenter - Zermatt

"You should never have so much to do that you no longer have time to reflect".

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

"Quality is the product of a love of detail."

Andreas Tenzer


Reference projects from our satisfied customers

Hotel Tschugge: Bedrooms, lounge areas, bar

Riffelalp Resort 2222m, Zermatt: Shower/bathrooms in the bedrooms, restaurant, multi-purpose room, mobile separating wall in the restaurant

Spa and tourist office, Zermatt: Office spaces, information counter

GGB Zermatt: Counter system for the Gornergratbahn

Kantonalbank Zermatt: Counter system, office fittings

UBS, Zermatt: Office spaces, consultation rooms, separating walls, built-in cupboards

Medical practice, Dr. Julen: Surgery fittings

Station buffet, Zermatt: Restaurant with ballroom 

Hotel Zermatterhof: Bedroom fittings, collaboration on multi-purpose room

Hotel Mont Cervin: Various bedrooms, hotel foyer, lobby, hotel bar

Hotel Monte Rosa: Various projects

Hotel Derby: Bedrooms, Reception

Tempe site: Doors

Rock cabin: Doors on steel frames

Hotel Zurbriggen: Windows and window fronts

Zermatt municipal building: Office fittings, the Burgerpräsident's meeting room, Blue Lounge Blauherd, buffet and Bar Riffelberg, Trockener Steg self-service restaurant, Sunnegga self-service restaurant 

Zermatt Asset Management: General carpentry tasks

Walliserkanne: Restaurant fittings

Hotel Europe Zermatt

Hotel Cervo Zermatt

Zermatt Tourist Office

Raiffeisenbank Zermatt

Hotel Focus Zermatt: Doors

Matterhorn Terminal Täsch: Counter system

And so many more...

Reference projects, bedrooms- Klaus Brigger AG - Zermatt